Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kepergok Pocong (2011) VCDRip 380MB Mediafire

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Aina (Aziz Stuttering) students who have a second job as a grave digger. He lived with Boy (Reymond) and Czech (Rozi Mahally). Boy who thinks he is dating the most handsome Princess (Nadya Almira). Because of his love with the Princess, he was willing to borrow money here and there to membahagiaka Princess. While the Czech harbored love with Niken (Keira Shabira) Once when Donatus (Albert) friends they make the documentation of workers' Aina as grave diggers. At the same time the Czech Boy and found a book of mystical BY RICH QUICK TIP. In the book was written when the bodies of the dead to save the image due to ingested pocong oath, then fortune will be made ​​easy. Incidentally Aina got a job digging graves of people who die from pocong oath. That night Boy, Czech and Donatus joined into a common grave along with Aina. And they managed to photograph the corpse wearing mob. A day later they got an offer to play the movie as extras and paid a high fee. This is one proof of their success , but weirdness ensued after their success. The money they get turned into pieces of the shroud. They were terrorized by the man who is very mysterious. And the most sinister is at once ridiculous and kuntuilanak pocong emergence. Pocong kuntilanak compact and disrupt every day but somehow all the bother even that pesky spirits. And there are strange creatures such as nurses and pocong pink ngepot Siapah actual figure of the mysterious man was and why so many spirits that bother them? Did they escape from this weirdness?



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